To-Do app

December 2021 February 2022


It is a To-Do app with user authentication. It allows users to increase their productivity by creating, editing, deleting, and marking tasks as done. Tasks are assigned to the appropriate user accounts. As a result, they have accession to their resources from many devices. Furthermore, every task can have an “important” flag, so it will be better visible on the list. When the tasks accumulate, Justy gives a possibility to find an individual of them through the searching mechanism. In a sliding up menu is available a summary, where you find out how many tasks have “To Do” status and how many “Done” status.

Technologies used

Justy has been created using Electron.js. When the project has been ready to deploy, the electron-builder has been used to build the app and the electron-updater has been used for automatic updates. The back-end has been created in Node.js.